Conduct at School Bus Loading Zones

Conduct at School Bus Loading Zones

To promote the highest level of safety at school bus loading zones, all students shall adhere to the following instructions:

  • Stand in a line facing traffic so you can see the bus approaching. Stand back 12 feet from where the bus will stop. Do not approach the bus until the driver opens the door.

  • Prior to loading the bus, all students shall have in their possession a valid bus pass/identification card which must be shown to the driver while boarding. No student will be allowed to ride the bus without a valid bus pass. If a student has misplaced or lost his or her bus pass, the parents or legal guardians will be responsible for the transportation of the student until a new one is issued. Parents can obtain a replacement at the San Ysidro School District, Transportation Department located at 4350 Otay Mesa Road. San Ysidro, CA. 92173. For more information you can call (619) 428-4476 Ext. 3065.

  • When loading at a school, follow the directions of the driver or person on bus duty. Stand back the required 12 feet from the bus in a line formation until the driver opens the bus door and indicates that you may begin boarding.

  • Warning!!! Never go under any bus to retrieve something you have dropped. Always ask the driver for assistance.

  • Destroying property, playing in or running on the street, or any type of horseplay at a bus stop is dangerous and prohibited.

  • When waiting to load or unload the bus, students are the direct responsibility of the driver or school staff, and they must follow their directions at all times.

  • School buses can only stop at designated bus stops. If you miss the bus, have your parent or guardian take you to school. Never run after your bus if you miss it, or attempt to reach it at another location. Every student has a bus pass issued by the transportation department which indicates his/her designated bus stop to load/unload the school bus; therefore, no student will be allowed to board or get off at a different location. Note: once the bus leaves the bus stop, it cannot come back.

  • The school bus driver shall insure that all students are in a safe location and out of the DANGER ZONE prior to moving the school bus. It is extremely important that, upon students disembarking the bus, to walk away as far as possible from the school bus. Remember, if you drop something NEVER reach underneath the bus. ALWAYS get the assistance of the school bus driver.

  • If you are late as the bus arrives and you must cross the street to the bus stop…WAIT!!!!Do not run across the street- The “Flashing Red Lights and Stop Arm must be activated! The school bus driver will secure the bus, turn on the lights/stop arm, come out in the street with a hand held stop sign, stop traffic, and let you know when it is safe to cross the roadway and board the bus.

  • Upon boarding the school bus, make sure and sit down immediately, put your seat-belt, and remain seated at all times.