• Our Mission:

    Sunset Elementary Parents, Students, Community Members, Teachers and Staff work closely together to ensure the development of our students' academic and personal success.  We are proud of our traditions and academic excellence, as well as our studens, parents, and staff.  This new school year we are even more dedicated to ensuring the success of our students by establishing the highest expectations possible.


    Our Vision:

    Sunset Elementary is a coastal school which lies in the community of San Ysidro.  Our school sits 15 miles south of San Diego and lies adjacent to the United States - Mexico International Border.  Residents of San Ysidro are predominently Hispanic/Latino.  However, the community is enriched with a multi-cultural population comprised of Filipinos, African-American, Asian, and American Indian.

    This Diversity allows us to envision where the facility is a high functional establishment.  The San Ysidro School District Leadership is responsive the community, staff, and the individual needs of children.

    All staff members here at Sunset Elementary is committed to providing instructional excellence in a stimulation and caring environment.