Health Clerk Office Procedures

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    Dear Willow Families:

    If you have any medication for your son or daughter, updates/notices, or need to inform the health clerk of a certain health issue or medical condition, please contact or visit Ms. Little

    We also have Ms. Grecia in our Health Office. She is our Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN). 

    Please read below and review the health clerk office procedures with your child.

    • Always have your health pass ready before coming to the health office. You will need to get your pass from your teacher or a supervisor.
    • When in the health office, wait for your turn and follow instructions.
    • Respect other student’s privacy and do not ask questions regarding visit or injury.
    • Avoid interacting with students, keep your distance to avoid getting sick.
    • Do not touch any health supplies.
    • After you are dismissed, please make sure you go to class. Do not stay outside the health office.