Becoming a Volunteer

  • Volunteers are an integral part of our community and our schools. Volunteers are utilized in many ways such as office assistants, classroom assistants, fund-raising leaders, and after-school activity coordinators. If you enjoy helping children, supporting quality education, and are available on a consistent basis, please consider being a volunteer.

    One of our main goals is to get parents involved in the school program. In order to be successful, many of our planned activities require parent involvement both in the classroom and as teacher/school support outside the classroom, in our volunteer workroom/center. We encourage your participation as a volunteer and feel certain that you would enjoy the experience. Prior to volunteering you must first go through an orientation, which are held on Fridays at 8:15 am, and fill out the necessary paper work followed by submission of a tuberculosis test and Megan’s Law Clearance. Each time you are on campus you must sign in and out at the front office.

    In the interest of safety and student welfare, we expect that all volunteers follow the guidelines listed below:

    • Please do not plan to conference with the teacher about your child when you are scheduled to volunteer.

    • Confidentiality of information obtained through your volunteer efforts MUST be maintained. Please keep all information between you and the teacher confidential.

    • We appreciate your help, but in order to ensure safety and minimize distractions to the learning environment; please do not bring infants or non-school age children to school with you when you are volunteering. Volunteers are asked to make arrangements for off-campus child care.
    • Cell phones should be “off’ or “vibrate” mode.

    • If the teacher or school administration determines that the volunteer’s presence creates a distraction or disruption to the school learning environment, they may be asked to discontinue volunteering.

    • Parents often chaperone classes on field trips. While school staff is grateful for your assistance, field trips are limited to members of the class and volunteers.

    We thank you for your willingness to assist us in helping all students succeed. Adherence to these guidelines will insure a successful volunteer program.

    Parent Community Involvement
    The School Site Council (SSC) and the English Language Advisory Committee (ELAC) consist of an administrator and elected staff, parents and/or community representatives who meet to study issues pertaining to the individual school Single Plan for Student Achievement. If needed special committees are formed to make advisory recommendations. Parents are elected and are encouraged to participate.