Welcome to Facilities, Maintenance, & Operations

  • The primary mission of the Facilities, Maintenance, and Operations Department of the San Ysidro School District, is to maintain the facilities and physical plants in such a manner, as to ensure the classroom environment will support the educational goals of the District in an effective and efficient manner.  To this end, responsibility includes, but is not limited to, the following: 

    • Management of the buildings Security of the entire campus

    • Safety of all facilities and persons

    • Cleanliness and appearance of District facilities

    • Assurance that everything is working and ready for the educational functions of the District

    • Assurance that the District is in compliance with all local, State, and Federal laws as they relate to the facilities and their functioning in the District.

    The Facilities, Maintenance & Operations Department is also responsible for the relocation of classroom contents, construction projects, and event setups. Facilities, Maintenance & Operations Department also monitors and maintains the fire alarm and electrical systems to ensure optimal operation.

    The Department's goals & objectives is to provide the “best in class” educational facilities with demonstrated cost effectiveness second to none. From custodial, maintenance, and gardening workers to administrative officials, our objective is, and will continue to be, to ensure that our District is clean, comfortable, and a safe environment for all our students, teachers, and administrators.


  • Jose Iniguez
    Assistant Superintendent Administrative Leadership, School Support & Safety
    (619) 428-4476 ext. 3065 

    Lorena Vega
    Administrative Secretary II
    (619) 428-4476 ext. 3046 

    Joanna Velasco
    Operations Technician
    (619) 428-4476 ext. 3058

    Izmael Sierra
    Warehouse Distribution Associate
    (619) 428-4476 ext. 3048