Welcome to Information Technology

  • The San Ysidro School District provides an educational environment in which all students succeed. Within this environment, the district will provide state-of-the-art technology and all other resources necessary to prepare the students for the Twenty-First Century.

    The district provides a technology-rich environment for every school site, district administrator, teacher, support staff and students. Students are able to explore various technological tools which will challenge and motivate them to problem solve, explore and learn to meet academic standards and prepare them for the challenges of the future. Students and staff will use technology to access information school-wide, district-wide, national as well as global. Site and district administrators have access to technology, which can assist in making leadership decisions based on student data. Teachers will employ instructional technology to support standard-based learning and create an effective learning environment for our students.



  • Information Technology Help Line
    (619) 428-4476 ext. 3045

    Todd Lewis 
    Director of Education Technology
    (619) 428-4476 ext. 3062

    Carolina Jaime
    Data Reporting Analyst
    (619) 428-4476 ext. 3054

    Jose Luis Mejia
    Information Systems Analyst
    (619) 428-4476 ext. 3066

    Fernando Martinez
    Network and Systems Specialist
    (619) 428-4476 ext. 3059  

    Jose Garcia
    Information Computer Specialist
    (619) 428-4476 ext. 3037

    Ivan Manriquez
    Information Computer Specialist
    (619) 428-4476 ext. 3053

    Gianfranco Fimbres
    Information Computer Specialist
    (619) 428-4476 ext. 3198