21st Century Classrooms

  • SmartClassroom.jpg The San Ysidro School District continues to promote standardization in the area of technology. Understanding, that textbooks, overhead projectors and chalkboards are the traditional teaching tools, and understanding that our students are growing up in a digital age the San Ysidro School District is committed to invest in technology further then computers in the classroom. 

    In accordance with the district’s technology plan the district has implemented the following tools in the classroom to assure that our students are prepared for the 21st Century and can compete in the global market. The design of our 21st Century Classrooms brings all these technologies together and provides our students with a classroom filled with tools that will enable them to succeed in the 21st Century. The San Ysidro School District has designed and implemented 21st Century Classrooms district wide which includes 220 state-of-the-art classrooms. Each teacher will be trained on the usage of the high-tech room which will include the following:  lapel wireless microphone, which will provide each teacher the ability to walk around the room presenting to the class and will have a variety of technologies at their finger tips.

    IT-techlearning-300x101.jpg SmartClassroomOVHS-300x223.jpg

    All these technologies will display through a single source projector, which is fixed in every classroom. The central control unit works as a central switcher which connects and controls all A/V equipment into a one-projector in the classroom. This initiative will provide equitable technology district wide and will impact all areas of learning. Each classroom contains the following equipment:

    •    Fixed mount digital projector
    •    Interactive White Board
    •    Classroom sound system
    •    Central control unit
    •    Document camera
    •    Teacher computer station


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