Welcome to Data & Assessment

  • The Data and Assessment Department coordinates local, state, and national testing programs used to evaluate District programs, assists in data collection and dissemination, and helps schools in planning and evaluation activities with the express purpose of improving instruction.

    The Data and Assessment Department:

    • Conducts formative and summative evaluations of selected District, state-mandated, and specially funded instructional and staff development programs.
    • Provides reports of program status to the Superintendent and other stakeholders.
    • Publishes, disseminates and reports testing data.
    • Meets the District's reporting requirements for compliance evaluation and the monitoring of specially funded and English learner programs.
    • Assists schools to meet school-level evaluation, monitoring, and reporting requirements.
    • Provides consultations to central office and school sites on data analysis.
    • Coordinates articulation regarding student achievement with other agencies.
    • Provides professional development on test administration and data analysis for state, federal, and local assessments.
    • Manages local student assessment data base (Illuminate).