Welcome to Educational Leadership, Pupil Services and Safety

  • ​The Educational Leadership, Pupil Services and Safety Department provides programs and services to students that are provided directly to students to help promote their educational success.

    These programs include:

    • Families First (McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act)
    • Foster Youth Assistance
    • Student Engagement and Attendance
    • Inter/Intra District Transfers
    • School Registration
    • Migrant Education
    • Military Youth



  • David Farkas
    Assistant Superintendent of Educational Leadership, Pupil Services, and Safety
    (619) 428-4476 ext. 3027

    Veronica Medina

    Pupil Services Coordinator
    (619) 428-4476 ext. 3083

    Guadalupe Barrera 
    Secretary II
    (619) 428-4476 ext. 3087

    Sara Almeida 
    Administrative Clerk II
    (619) 428-4476 ext. 3078

    Irene E. Lopez
    Administrative Clerk II
    (619) 428-4476 ext. 3020