Student Safety Traveling to/from School

Student Safety Traveling to/from School
When walking to and from school it is important for students to follow all traffic rules. When coming to or leaving school, students should always stay on the crosswalks and sidewalks. At no time is it safe to walk or run through the parking lot. At no time should students play in the front areas of the school. Unsupervised playground activities should NOT occur before or after school hours. Arrival time is no more than 30 minutes before school starts. When students arrive at 7:30 am they should line up by no later than 7:50 am as teachers will pick up at 7:55 am.

If it is raining when students arrive at school, they go directly to the MPR and please provide them with proper raincoats and or umbrellas.

Please keep in mind your schools daily schedule.

  • Parents may drop off their Kindergartner at their classroom. Following drop-off, parents must leave campus. If volunteering parent must sign-in at office and get a badge. Volunteers must be trained and have TB test prior to volunteering.

  • 1-6 grade parents note your son or daughter must go directly to the blacktop line-up area in front of the cafeteria. Students are not to go to their classroom unless teacher is expecting them. Supervision is provided in the blacktop area, and various high traffic points on campus.

  • Kindergarten: Students are dismissed from the classroom by their teacher upon seeing a designated adult/guardian listed on the emergency card.

  • Grades 1 – 6: Teachers dismiss students from the classroom. Students who are not picked up at the classroom will be escorted to the supervised front drop-off and pick-up area. Students who are not picked-up after 2:45pm will be taken to the office.
    If you are more than 20 minutes late to pick up a student, please go to the front office.You may be asked to provide identification.