Parents are reminded to follow all parking lot guidelines to ensure safety in the parking lot for all students. The back parking lot is for staff parking ONLY. Parking on bus drop-off is prohibited. When dropping off your child, do not let your child out of the car until you are stopped at the edge of the curb. Please abide by the directions of our volunteers and staff. They are working hard to ensure the safety of our children and peace of our community. Since we are a Peace Builders community and that includes parents as well as teachers we should model respectful behaviors at all times.

Parking Lot Etiquette

  • Please drive slowly.

  • Please ensure the safety of all students by NOT parking in the bus loading area.

  • Buses have priority.  Please be aware of their presence and try to make their entrance and exit as easy as possible.

  • Follow the Golden Rule with other drivers and staff members. Remember that you are not the only one in a hurry.

  • Please, if you escort your child out of the car, please be mindful of our limited parking and other parents wanting to drop off their child.

  • Pull up close to the car in front of you.