School Attendance

School attendance is required by law. The amount of time that a student attends class correlates very closely with learning. Consequently, the importance of regular attendance and arriving at school on time cannot be overemphasized. Help your child be successful academically by getting your child to school on time every day. Please try to schedule appointments afterschool or on vacation days.

Students absent without a valid excuse for more than three days in one school year shall be classified as truant. Students more than 30 minutes tardy on three school days in one school year shall be classified as truant.

A School Attendance Review Board (SARB) addresses the needs of students with attendance problems. Student and their family are referred to SARB by the school principal. Both the student and their parent are required to attend SARB.

Absence Procedures
It is required that each absence be verified by the parent/guardian. We need you to call the attendance clerk the day your child is absent. Parents can report an absence by calling 619-428-1148.  Please try to call before 9:00 am when possible. Upon returning to school following an absence, the child must check in at the attendance office. If a note or phone call is not received, the absence will be considered unexcused

It is extremely important that students attend school on time. If your child is tardy, he or she must report to the school office for a tardy slip before entering class. The student will be directed to the school office when the 8:00am bell has rung.