Birthday Treat Alternatives

Birthday Treat Alternatives
In keeping with our district’s Wellness Policy and because of the many students with serious food allergies we will not allow parents to bring sweet treats or sugar filled drinks. School is a great place for kids to learn the value of making healthy food choices. We are a Peanut-free Zone.

Here are some ideas for helping kids celebrate their birthday without resorting to the cupcakes.

Suggestions for Non-Food Birthday Treats
How about bringing a surprise for the classroom or for each child that is not a food. What a novel idea, right? Who said we had to spoil our kids with candy, cupcakes, and soda on their birthdays?

  • Donate one of your child’s favorite books to the classroom.  You can write their names and birthday on the inside cover, so the book will always be a representation of that special day.

  • Hand out small tokens like pencils, stickers, or erasers to each student.

  • Create a special “Birthday Book” where each student can write something or draw a picture about the birthday boy or girl.

  • Give the child a special birthday box with a sash to wear and a certificate.

Please talk to your child’s teacher at least one week in advance before sending any non-food birthday treats. Please be very considerate as to not disrupt the educational process.