School Rules
These are the school rules all students are responsible for:

  • Respect and obey all adults
  • While you are on campus walk at all times.
  • When using the stairs, stay on the right and hold the rail.
  • Take care of school property and equipment.
  • Listen and follow directions.
  • Use only kind words and actions toward others.

School Conduct

  • Students are encouraged to use Peace Builder strategies to solve their problems.
  • Students will respect everyone and follow all directions.
  • Profanity, vulgarity, name-calling or any teasing/harassment are not permitted. It may result in suspension.
  • Students are encouraged to make wise decisions.
  • Students are encouraged to praise others.
  • Students must always walk on school grounds. Students must always use the hallway and sidewalk when heading to cafeteria or playground. Do not cross through open corridor.
  • Fighting and bullying is strictly forbidden and will result in suspension from school.

General Rules

  • The school is not responsible for damage or loss of personal items.
  • Skateboards, scooters, roller blades (in-line skates), and shoes with wheels of any kind are not allowed at school.
  • Students who purposely break or damage school property or equipment will be expected to pay for repair or replacement.
  • Playground equipment, bathrooms, and drinking fountains are to be used properly.

Playground Rules

  • All students are expected to follow the playground rules and to be a Peace Builder.
  • Students must obey the instructions of all the noon-duty supervisors
  • Students must stay within playground boundaries, amphitheater grass area, classrooms, or walkways during recess time.
  • Students should immediately freeze and squat when the bell sounds, then line up when the whistle blows two times. Then, students are to walk to the designated class room number.
  • Failure to show mutual respect will not be allowed and may result in a referral.
  • Students walk on the blacktop areas unless it is instructed differently.
  • Teachers or designated adults bring students to the blacktop area for recess/lunch and bring them back to the classroom at the end of the recess/lunch.
  • All snacks, food, and drinks should be eaten and/or consumed in the snack area or lunch arbor.  Healthy snacks examples are granola bars, fruits, vegetables, etc. Please remember that we are a peanut-free zone.  Snacks cannot be shared among students due to allergies.

Restroom Rules

  • Walk in the restroom using inside voices.
  • Lock the door stall when using the restroom.
  • Flush the toilet.
  • Always wash your hands.
  • Always keep restroom clean.

Bus Rules

  • All students must wear their bus badge/pass at all times.
  • Students must practice good safety habits and behave in an appropriate manner when riding the school bus, waiting at the school bus stop or going to and from a bus stop.
  • Inappropriate behavior may result in the loss of privileges to ride the bus.

Rewards for Following Rules

  • Students will receive verbal praise.
  • Classroom rewards
  • Praise notes
  • Free time

Consequences for Not Following Rules
If students choose not to follow one or more of the rules the following may occur:

  • Time out
  • Loss of privileges and or recess
  • Conference with student
  • Parent contact
  • Classroom or office detention
  • A referral  to principal
  • In school suspension for three or more referrals
  • Out of school suspension if it offense meets Ed Code requirements.
  • Students who are kept in for recess are allowed to get drinks and use the restroom as necessary and obtain second chance breakfast if it applies.

It is our objective to encourage students to follow school rules, cooperate with, and respect the rights of others (teachers, staff, parents, and other students).