Red Light Crossing & Unloading Procedures

Red Light Crossing & Unloading Procedures

One of the most important procedures a school bus driver will perform is the safe loading/unloading and red light crossing procedures due to the hazards involved. It is of extreme importance that parents/guardians take their time explaining the following instructions and ensure their child is familiar with these procedures:

  • Remain seated until the bus is completely stopped and the door is opened. The opening of the door is your indication that the bus is secured and it is now safe to exit the bus. Exit the bus in an orderly manner…no jumping, skipping steps, or running…use the handrails. For safe exit alternate seats, left to right, beginning with the front of the bus and continuing towards the rear. Remember that the red lights are flashing when the bus is stopped for the purpose of loading or unloading passengers, so this needs to be completed in a timely, orderly manner.

  • As stated before, move completely away from the bus, go directly to your home or ride and stay away from the Danger Zone. There are areas around the bus that the driver cannot see a small child. It is very important that you get clear of the vehicle as soon as you exit the bus. When the driver closes the door and checks their mirrors the bus will be moving into the flow of traffic as to stay on a schedule for the next stop.

  • ”Red Light Crossing Stops”… The law requires that all pupils at or below the 8th grade level must be escorted by the driver who shall carry a hand-held stop sign, under the protection of “Flash Red Lights” and “Stop Signal Arm” at any stop requiring students to cross the roadway upon which the bus is stopped. The San Ysidro School District policy is to escort any pupil who must cross the roadway. Any student who must cross the roadway must wait on the sidewalk area for the driver to tell the student it is safe to cross and must walk straight across the street between the driver and the front of the bus.

  • Never touch or grab the bus…never crawl or reach under the bus. If you have dropped an object tell the driver so that he/she can shut down the vehicle and retrieve the item for you or assist you in retrieving it. If the driver does not see you wait until the bus has pulled away to get your dropped item.