Bus Rules, Procedures, and Guidelines

Bus Rules, Procedures, and Guidelines

Guidelines – recommendations for a positive experience:

  • Arrive at the bus stop 5 minutes before scheduled departure.

  • Fill seats as directed by the driver.

  • Report any damage or vandalism on the bus to the driver.

  • Report lost or found articles to the bus driver.

Regulations – required for safety and compliance with laws:

  • No animals or pets on the bus, except for licensed guide dogs.

  • No skateboards, radios, tape players, or other type of stereo equipment on the bus.

  • No talking to bus driver while bus is in motion.

  • When getting off the bus, cross the street in the crosswalk or under the direct supervision of the driver.

  • Never cross the street behind the bus.

Rules – mandatory, violations subject to immediate disciplinary action:

  • No screaming, yelling, or loud talking.

  • No eating, drinking or smoking.

  • No pushing, shoving, or physical contact with other riders.

  • No profanity, name-calling, abusive language, or rude/offensive behavior.

  • No littering, throwing items, or damaging the bus.

  • No opening or using the emergency exit, except in a true emergency.

  • Remain seated at all times.

  • Keep all items, including body parts, inside the bus.