Online Registration

  • Online Registration
    2020-2021 School Year

    Parents who have children in grades PreK-8th CURRENTLY enrolled in a San Ysidro school can use their existing ParentVue account to re-register, verify residency, and or add a student.

    * I have a new Pre-Schooler, Kindergartner or Transistional Kindergartner with an older sibling at an SYSD school. 
    * I have a returning student to an SYSD school. 
    * I have a student currently attending Child Development Center (CDC) and will be entering Transitional Kindergarten or Kindergarten.

                           Please click HERE if you need to request a password reset. 

    Parents who have children in grades PreK-8th NEW to San Ysidro can use the link below to register. Online Registration will allow you to upload required documents. If upload is not a feasible option for you, after completing the online registration application our school site staff will contact you to provide you with information on how to turn in the required documentation.

    * I have a new student, completely new to the District. 
    * I have a new  Pre-Schooler, Kindergartner or Transitional Kindergartner with no older siblings in an SYSD school

    If you Do Not have a Parent Activation Key, but have had students enrolled previously in a San Ysidro school please contact your child’s current school to obtain an Activation Key via email or call to get more information.

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