Uniform Complaint Procedures/Williams

  • A complaint is a written and signed statement alleging a violation of federal or state laws.  Violations may include allegations of harassment, discrimation, intimidation, or bullying of any kind.  If a complainant is unable to put the complaint in writing due to a condition (for example, a disability), the district shall assist in the filing of the complaint.  There are two types of complaints - a UCP Complaint and a Williams Complaint.
    What is a UCP Complaint?
    A UCP Complaint is a complaint dealing with the violation of specific federal and state programs that use categorical funds.  In the San Ysidro School District (SYSD), these programs include the following:

    • After School Education and Safety
    • Bilingual Education
    • California Peer Assistance and Review Programs for Teachers
    • Child Care and Development
    • Child Nutrition        
    • Compensatory Education
    • Consolidated Categorical Aid
    • Economic Impact Aid
    • Education of Pupils in Foster Care and Pupils who are Homeless
    • Every Student Succeeds Act / No Child Left Behind
    • Local Control Accountability Plans (including Charter Schools as described in EC §§ 47606.5 and 47607.3);
    • Physical Education Instructional Minutes
    • Pupil Fees
    • Reasonable Accommodations to a Lactating Pupil
    • School Safety Plans
    • Special Education
    • State Preschool

    In SYSD, UCP complaints should be filed with the Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services.
    What is a Williams Complaint?
    A Williams Complaint covers instructional materials, facilities conditions that pose a danger to the health and safety of pupils, and teacher vacancies or misassignments.  This type of complaint should be filed with the site principal and may be filed anonymously.  Williams Complaint forms are available at each school site as well as on this webpage.  Remember: Complaints must be submitted in writing.
    For more information on this process, please contact the Educational Services department at 619-428-4476.
    Please note:  2016-2017 Board policies and annual notices regarding UCP complaints will be posted and updated after approval by the Governing Board.


  • Executive Director of Educational Services
    (619) 428-4476 ext. 3070

    Irene E. Lopez
    Administrative Clerk II
    (619) 428-4476 ext. 3020