Welcome to Accounting

  • The District's Accounting Department is responsible for paying for goods and services it uses to conduct the educational and support programs.  Prior to payment, a contract may be required with appropriate approvals and proof of receipt of the goods or services.  Invoices to be paid are processed in the Business Services Department.  Warrants are printed at San Diego County Office of Education then returned to the District's Business Services Department for signature. 







  • Amber Elliott
    Business Services Technician
    (619) 428-4476 ext. 3009

    Blanca Vega
    Accounts Payable Specialist
    (619) 428-4476 ext. 3005

    Laura Gastelum
    Accounting Technician III
    (619) 428-4476 ext. 3007

    Accounting Technician III
    (619) 428-4476 ext. 3014

    Daniel Chavez
    Senior Payroll & Benefits
    (619) 428-4476 ext. 3008